Thursday, March 17, 2011

WHO releases updated information on radiation exposure

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Everyone is clutched in the  throes of apocalyptic fear regarding the  threat of radiation exposure from Japan's broken nuclear power plants.  Many ask if there are common sense measure to be taken to safeguard one's self and family from cancer..

In the article, "WHO issues guidelines on radiation exposure", the WHO therefore has released updated information regarding the protection of adults and  children from this potentially lethal exposure.

The following are a list of some of the recommendations:

1. It is recommended that people within 20 kilometers of the Fukushima nuclear plant-or wherever the source of contamination may be- be evacuated. Those within 30 kilometer are advised to stay indoors with windows and doors shut tightly. Japanese are following this recommendation. (The United States is more cautious and is advising 50 miles as the safety barrier.)

2. The main nuclosidess released in a nuclear power plant accident are radioactive cesium and iodine.  People may be exposed to such radioactive substances in the suspended air or food and drink.

3.If radioactive iodine is breathed in or swallowed, it will concentrate in the thyroid and increase the risk of thyroid cancer.  this risk can be lowered by taking potassium iodide pills which can block the uptake of radioactive materials by the thyroid.

4. If a dose of radiation exceeds a certain threshold, then it can produce skin readness, hair loss, radiation burns and acute radiation syndrome.

5. The risk of thyroid cancer is greater in children and young adults.

6.If necessary, restriction of vegetables and dairy can be done to decrease exposure risk.

7. If coming indoors after an exposure to radiation, place the contaminated clothes in a plastic bag away from the family and pets. Shower with warm water and notify the authorities of the contaminated clothes so that they can be properly disposed of.

8. If advised to stay in, go to the room with the least amount of windows and doors.  Heating and cooling systems should be shut down.

9. Foods can be contaminated by radioactive material falling on it from the rain water.  Radioactivity can build up within foods.

10. Vegetables and animals should be protected with plastic sheets or tarpaulins.
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