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Practical guides for weight loss

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Americans are spending astronomical amounts of money on losing weight.  Just take a look at the health and beauty aisles in the local drug stores and phamacies. They are absolutely bursting with pills, drinks, and so-called natural and herbal products that promise to get flush out the fat, kill the appetite and deliver a new and trimmer you.  Hmm, sounds too goo to be true.  What's worse is that doctors and surgeons have jumped on the weight loss bandwagon by performing questionsable surgeries that will deliver rapid weight loss. No one is even interested in the long term health problems that these procedures and drugs could be causing.  Who is looking out for the American public?

What do the facts show?

Science and research have shown though that the healthiest and lasting way to weight loss occurs through making simple changes in eating. Take a look at the Food Pyramid.  This is a relatively reliable guide as to what we should be eating and in what quantities.  For example, a serving of meat (2 ounces)is a far cry from what we are normally accustomed to eating.  A serving of a carb like rice or spaghetti (1/2 cup) is tops for one meal.  Hmm, takes some real mental conditioning to make changes.  Not drugs or surgery.

Imagine, just a short generation ago, our parents never ate like that! We have become a super-size society. Our foreparents probably ate about one half of what we now eat.  How healthy could that be? Well, look at the bumper crop of diabetes and obesity, much of which starts in childhood.  Yes, kids today, due to inactivity, bad food choices and video games are getting high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Lets take a look at how the simple changes can help you to permanently lose weight.

Don't diet
If you really examine the facts, when you diet you imply a temporary change in eating habits just long enough to get rid of a desired amount of weight. Wrong.  Most nutritionists  will tell you that permanent weight loss results in a complete change of lifestyle.

Try seeking new and creative ways to prepare vegetables and snacks.  Carrots and raisins are a great combination.  Plus, the added fiber, along with drinking extra water helps fill you up. Fresh cut celery sticks really help flush the body of excess fluid helps in controlling high blood pressure. Chewy snacks such as figs and prunes should be a good subsitute for sugary candies like gummy bears.


Getting out and enjoying the cool autumn air by brisk walking is a great cardio booster which will also help curb your appetitie for those bad food choices,  Or, if you prefer, join a gym.  It is also a great place to meet folks.

Hopefully, by partaking in some of the recommendations in this article, you will see that true and lasting weight loss and health can be achieved without dangerous drugs and medical procedures.
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