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Mineral make up: what is it really?

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As a health conscious consumer, I try to read the labels on all the food and beauty items that I buy. The closer to nature, the better it is-most of the time. However, "natural" doesn't always ensure that the product isn't full of chemicals or pesticides. The same is true of make-up.

A few years ago, after experiencing mild allergic reactions to the make-up eyeliner that I was using, I switched to mineral make-up. I also decided to do some research into its ingredients as well. Although my allergies cleared up, I was quite surprised about what I learned.

What are the ingredients?

Mineral make-up is made from natural, finely ground elements from the earth. No chemicals, dyes and preservatives have been added. Included are:
Titanium oxide - Provides minimal UV protection with a SPF of about 20.

Bismuth oxychloride - A by product from the processing of lead and coppper which can cause itching and rashes.

Boron nitride - Added for adhesion.

Kaolin clay - Also added for adhesion, but can be drying.

Seircite Mica - Added for shine.

Zinc - Helpful in skin inflammations.
( Bouchez, Colette,"The lowdown on mineral make-up,"
The overall consumer information that I have reviewed however points out that mineral make-up seems to be a good bet for most people. Facts have also shown that it is better for skin prone to acne and break out with some of the minerals having a soothing effect on these conditions.
Upon making the switch, most individuals, like myself, have the pleasant experience of saying good-bye to the awful allergic symptoms. This was enough to tell me that the irritant chemicals and preservatives were absent and that was reason to continue with its use. However, slightly concerning was the fact that some of the benefits of these minerals are lost when they are finely ground into nano particles. This new consistency makes then so fine that they can be easily absorbed into the skin and inhaled possibly causing lung irritation. If you have really sensitive skin-or lungs-then you just might just have a problem. Keep in mind though not all mineral make-ups contain the same ingredients, so you have to do a bit of research to find out what's in your favorite brand. You can check out the information at
What's the bottom line?

Once I switched over to mineral make-up, my allergies did stop, so I'll continue to use the products. If you had similar success, you probably will too. If you are trying to decide, just do some research on the brand that you are want to use. Enjoy the benefits that natural beauty have to offer you. Good health to you!

Bouchez, Colette, "The lowdown on mineral make-up"

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