Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Olive oil and your beauty

Sweet Potato Pie Olive Oil SoapImage by savor_soaps via Flickr
Olive oil has received much positive reviews in the recentyears regarding its heart and cholesterol protective benefits.  It is a major component of the Mediterranean diet.  Those who follow it have found to have much less incidence of  cardiovascular disease than those who consume the high fat American diet.

Apart from these well known health benefits, olive oil provides wonderful beauty benefits. Let's take a peek at two of the well known ones.


Olive oil has got numerous nutrients such as antioxidants vitamin A and E.  Antioxidants are powerful nutrients that help battle cellular damage that results in aging skin.  With daily use, the skin feels softer and smoother.  Olive oil is also a great moisturizer for dry skin.  Improvement is usually seen a few days after regular usage.


For healthier hair, olive oil provides moisture and shine.  This is essential to hair that has been chenically damaged by relzxers, perms and coloring.  Regular usage will strengthen the hair and mosturize the scalp, keeping both healthy and beautiful.

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