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Bergamot oil and your beauty

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Bergamot oil is a wonderful and greatly used oil for numerous health and beauty benefits.  It is found in hair products, perfumes, creams, lotions, aromatherapy products and massage oils.   This well known oil is  another example of achieving health and beauty with natural, chemical free products.

Let's take a look at what it is and how this oil is helpful in your beauty and health.

Bergamot oil

Bergamot oil is made from a citrus fruit whose scientific name is citrus aurantium, or, citrus bergama.  It grows in southern Europe and is also found in tropical parts of the world. Bergamot has a sweet smell which makes it popular in beauty and skin care products.

One important word of caution:  bergamot oil can become quite toxic if stored in light.  For safety in using this oil, it is best stored in a dark bottle in a dark location.


Bergamot oil is popularly used in  for aromatherapy.  It is a great anti-depressant and is used in soothing nervousness and stress. This is due to the action of the components, alpha limonene and alpha pinene  It also a  mood elevator.  It addition to aromatherapy, it can be used in the bath for enhanced relaxation.

Bergamot's other uses

Bergamot is a natural disinfectant and antibiotic that does not contribute to the instance of antibiotic resitant strains. It is helpful in inhibiting the growth of fungi and virus.

Bergamot is also a stimulant of digestive enzymes and acids therefore it is good in improving digestive health
and immunity.


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