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Flaxseed oil and weight loss

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Folks intent on loosing weight often rush off to the drugstore for quick OTC fixes that are supposed to help curb the appetite, speed up the metabolism, block the absorption of fats, or detox the body by flushing out water weight. Unfortunately, many unwanted side effects often follow the use of such drugs.

Flaxseed oil and weight loss

Flaxseed oil bestows on regular users many benefits such as decreasing of the "bad" cholesterol, LDL, according to Elaine Magee's article, "Benefits of flaxseed oil." It similarly provides protection against cardiovascular and heart disease through the omega 3s and 6s that it contains Other bonuses are that flaxseed may also provide protection against breast and prostate cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

Of particular interest to weight watchers, is the fact that it adds fiber to the diet, thereby increasing intestinal motility and transit time which is important in overall health, particularly though, in weight control. Added fiber in the diet provides the full feeling after meals which curbs the appetite. This is so beneficial in a weight loss program. Why would anyone need to take drugs for something so simple that a food can provide?

Forget about exercise?

Of course, a good exercise program is essential to help boost up the metabolism, which is the rate that our bodies burn the foods that we consume for energy. Flaxseed also is helpful in this aspect as it play a part in the perking up of the metabolism. (Magee, Elaine, "Benefits of flaxseed oil.")

Lastly, flaxseed oil also provides a curb on the sweet tooth, which is vital because excess sugars are stored in the body as fat. So anything that can help cutting down on sweets is a real winner for weight control as this is the downfall of many people, myself included.

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