Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The link between pre-term labor and artificial sweeteners

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America loves artificial sweeteners even though the jury is still out regarding all the side effects and health dangers inherent with its use.It seems that almost every day information is being released about the potential and grave dangers related to artificial sweeteners and different aspects of our health.

The latest study that's just come to my attention is one that is feature in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition regarding a Denmark study that shows that the use of artificial sweeteners during pregnancy may increase the incidence of pre-term labor, which is defined as labor before 37 weeks. ( Women who drink over one can of artificially sweetened pop are at risk.

The pregnancy complication may arise due to the metabolites of aspartame, acesulfame-K, saccharim and cyclamate; all of which are artificial sweeteners. DNA damage may also occur; it has been reported that saccharin may cause more problem than aspartame. (Corsi, Hector, August 25, 2010, "Artificial sweeteners may incrase the risk of pre-term delivery.", website)

Pregnancy is a time when a woman should try to stick to the care of her "whole" person and practive calmness is mind, spirit and body. Certainly, a woman should not attempt to drastically alter the diet, but the focus should be on natural foods with the elimination of as many unnatural and chemical additives in the diet as possible.

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Corsi, Hector, August 25, 2010 "Artificials sweeteners may increase the risk of pre-term labor" (website).
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