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Sports drinks and your teeth

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Sports drinks are popular for replenishing electrolytes lost through sweating during strenuous work outs. This is important to protect the athlete from dangerous fluid and electrolye imbalances through loss of sodium and potassium. But, what else are sports drinks doing to our bodies?

Enamel erosion and tooth decay

According to the Science daily article, "New study indicates that sports drinks cause more irreversible damage to teeth." Sports drinks, and other sugary beverages promote dental decay and caries. The enamel becomes damaged and the tooth structure is left susceptible to bacteria.

Noted also in the peer review Journal, "General Dentistry," was the fact that enamel, which is the very hard protective outer surface of the tooth, is eroded and damaged in those who regularly consume sports drinks. This leaves the tooth susceptible to decay and dental caries.

It was further mentioned that the damage caused by non-cola sports beverages was three to eleven times greater than cola drinks. Energy drinks and lemonade did the most damage.

Healthier alternatives

.Healthier choices are water and low-fat milk which are less harmful to the enamel.

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Academy of General Dentistry (2005, March23) "New study indicates that popular spports drinks cause more irreversible damage to teeth." retrieved 9/28/2010.
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