Thursday, April 26, 2012

How safe are root canals?

I was just sitting in the dentist's office a few weeks ago waiting to be caIled for a core and post procedure in a pre-existing root canal.  I couldn't help but think about the fact that bacteria must grow and fester in such teeth. As a result, I went home and did some reading regarding root canals and health.  The results are disturbing..

This blog post will present information regarding the common root canal and its affect on overall health.

Dangers of the Root Canal Procedure

I was very disturbed to find that the root canal procedure, despite efforts to maintain sterile technique, is not free from contamination by opportunistic organisms. Potentially toxic bacteria hide in the deep recesses of the hollowed out root. Bacteria also dwell in and colonize the root-canaled tooth.  In the environment of nutrient deprivation  and lack of oxygen, normal bacteria can morph into deadly pathogens. How horrible!

Health Risks

In recent years the media has reported findings of studies indicating that root canals can lead to heart, kidney, bone and brain disease.  As long as the immune system is strong, disease maybe unlikely.  But, once the immune system is under attack, by either disease or accident, it might not be able to fully function and fight off infections.

At this time, bacteria can migrate to other tissues through the bloodstream. There is even evidence of cancer links with root-canaled teeth.

In summary

It's just not worth it. It really seems like the better thing to do to protect your health is to have the extractions and skip the procedure.

I am seriouly thinking of having my root-canaled teeth extracted and hopefully safeguarding my health.

"What you need to know to avoid a root canal"
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