Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting over the common cold

A lot of invaluable "wholistic" information has been written about colds and how to shorten their intensity and to increase decrease the frequency.

This post will provide some solid common sense steps that everyone can take to help provide protection against colds.


I've heard it said that the best prescription a physician could ever prescribe would be for exercise. If it's not contraindicated, exercise can help the body fight off viruses and other ugly bugs by raising the temperature. Oxygen is delivered more efficiently which is important for overall health, circulation is improved, body fluids are moved and discarded through organs of excretion and many other beneficial things taking place that can improve health and shorten illness. Coupled with drinking adequate water, it's a winning combination.

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that the frequency of colds could be reduced if regular exercise programs are done.  Information shows that 20%-30% fewer colds are reported by those who regularly exercise as opposed to those who are sedentary.

Just follow a few common sense suggestions which include listening to your body and not overdoing.  Also, don't exercise if you have a fever or anything other than a head cold. 


"Got a cold? Here's a trick to feel better fast"

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