Saturday, December 31, 2011

Natural Steps to Help You Recover from a Cold

Lo and behold, despite all your efforts, stress or lack of sleep has caused you to come down with a bug.  What can you do to help yourself recover from this immune slump? 

This post contains information that will help you to recover from that nasty bug you picked up without an extended loss of time from work or school.  The key is-catch it early before it really gets a foothold.


Zinc is a great immune booster and will likely help build your immune system up so that you can recover from that bug.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is helpful in shortening the cold and is a powerful antioxidant that will help boost your immune system so as to recover from an infection.  Try to consume foods that are high in vitamin C.  Also, take supplements, such as Acerola, to get the most power for your immune system.


Probiotics are great in helping to restore the good bacteria in the gut. Many times, due to over consumption of sugar and white flour products, the bacteria balance in the gut can get thrown off. Probiotics will help the good bacteria grow and thrive thereby helping your immune system get a jump start to fight that bug.

Avoid Stress 

Try relaxation techniques such as visualization, prayer, sleep, exercising and taking up a new hobby.  All of these things are great in helping bust out debilitating stress which causes many illnesses.


Try adding mushrooms to the diet; they have amazing properties that can aid the body in overcoming an infection. Their properties include: detoxification, digestion, and improving the gut flora. One mushroom that is a health powerhouse is shiitake.


Exercise helps rid the body of toxins, is good for the heart and mind and helps destroy microorganisms.

These points should help get you off in the right direction by shortening that cold.
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