Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5 Steps to Prepare Your Skin for Winter

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Winter time means cold, harsh temperatures that wreak havoc on our skin's moisture.  What steps can be taken to prepare your sking against the ravages of winter?

This post will examine some of the steps to take to winterize your skin so that it stays youthful and fresh all year round.

Step I

As the temperatures continue to drop, switch from shower gels to moisturizing cleansers and soaps.  Always look products with added oils for the much needed moisture.

Step II

Cold weather means low humidity which leads to dry skin.  Add humidity to you bedroom with a humidifier. 

Step III

Take warm, but not hot showers in the winter.  Immediately moisturize after the shower to prevent itchy, cracked and dry skin.

Step IV

Give extra attention to your heels, which can become quite dry and rough.  Moisturize with shea butter and wear socks at night to help seal in moisture.

Step V

To fight that rough, scaly skin,  try a body lotion or cream with alpha-hydroxy acid to exfoliate the dry scales while also hydrating your skin.


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