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What are Whole Foods?

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Most people know that highly processed foods laden with chemicals, preservatives and artificial colors are bad for health.  But, do you actually know what whole foods are?

This post will describe whole foods and their benefits to overall health and well being.

What are whole foods?

A whole food is any food that is essentially pure, delicious and a basic food that is free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats.  This is food that is pretty much in its natural state.  Examples would be an asparagus spear, a lemon or salmon.  These are the food that form the foundation of good health.  And, they are the best ingredients for creating tasty and healthy meals.

The food groups

Examples of such foods would be:

Fruits: apples, pineapples, peaches, pears, grapefruit, oranges and watermelons.

Vegetables: corn, onions, potatoes, broccoli, kale, collards, lettuce, cauliflower, peppers,turnips, mustard greens and carrots.  Remember that the brightly colored veggies give extra antioxidant protection.

Legumes: Legumes are an excellent source of protein, low in fat, high in fiber and antioxidants.  Examples are: green beans, peas, peanuts and lentils.

Grains: are a natural source of protein and carbohydrates.  This includes: oats, barley, wheat, rye, brown rice.

Nuts: Are also high in protein and fats-but the good kind.  They include: pecans, walnuts and cashews.


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