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How to find out if you are really pregnant

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What an exciting time. You've had several  mornings of queasiness along with some nausea and your menstruation is a few days late. Should you run right out and buy an in-home pregnancy kit to confirm your suspicions?  That might be a thought.  But it doesn't hurt to know some of the early symptoms of pregnancy.

This article will cover some of the early tell tale signs of pregnancy. 

Your body is changing

Some of the early signs of pregnancy can appear in just a few weeks after conception.  Just think  a new life is developing and your body is changing to accommodate and nurture it!  Some of the classic signs of pregnancy are:

Nausea with or without vomiting.  This can start as early as three weeks after pregnancy.  It is called morning sickness, although it can occur at any time during the day.  This is due to the rising levels of progerterone and estrogen which causes the content of the stomach to empoy more slowly.  Also, during preganancy a woman's sense of smell is heightened which can trigger nausea more easily than normal.  Aversion to certain foods is common as well as cravings for foods. This is also due to hormonal changes.
Another biggie is sore and swollen breasts which are also due to fluctuations in hormone levels.  This also can occur as early as three weeks after pregnancy.

Fatigue is another telltale sign.  The rising levels of progesterone can cause a woman to become sleepy.  Low blood sugar, increased blood volume may also play a role in fatigue.  Your body has extra work to do.

It's not unusual to even experience some slight bleeding or cramping during early pregnancy as the embro is becoming implanted into the uterus.  Sometimes this is also an early sign of pregnancy.  This usually occurs ten to fourtenn days after fertilization.

Mood swings are also common due to hormonal changes.  The weepiness and crying that are the well known characteristics of pregnant women have been thebutts of jokes for eons of time.

Dizziness may occur due to the dilation of blood vessels to accommodate the additional blood volume during this exciting time of changes.
Find out for sure

If you are experiecing these symptoms you can pretty much be sure that you are indeed pregnant.  The only way to know for sure is if you go ahead and purchase that in-home kit.  The earlier you know the sooner you can begin that all important prenatal care.  Start taking care of yourself  and your baby as soon as you can.

Source:"Signs and symptoms of pregnancy: What happens right away?"

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