Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tips to keep your memory in good shape

Many baby boomers are retiring and also seeking ways to remain vital and vibrant during this time of transition.  Many are taking up new hobbies and interests that time wouldn't allow before leaving the rat race.  Others decide to continue to work on a part time basis at the old job. Others seek out quiet time to sit and reminisce over the past and be happy with no worries.

Regardless of what you do, what are some things to engage in to  make significant contributions to your family and other important causes in your life?   More importantly, what can you do to keep you mind going and the memory in good shape?

Below you will see some very good suggestions for remaining vital in a youth oriented society.

Social endeavors to decrease your brain age

1.Get involved.  Volunteer for a worthy cause and make new friends and associate with them.

2. Active listening.  Asking questions when in groups and take notes.  Sit upright is imortant in stayin g focused.  Make associations with old familiar ones when  you learn something new so as to remember it.

3.Use games to learn the names of new people.  Especially make funny associations when pratical.

4. Use sticky notes around the ouse to help you to remember things.  Don't forget to remove thenm when you are done.



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