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Make your body an efficient fat burning machine

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Spreading midsections. Ugh. All of us will become victims of it eventually as we grow older, but we don't have to sit and suffer in silence.  As a matter of fact, the only way to deal with it is to get up off the couch and do something about it.

This article will investigate things we can do to prevent the middle age spread.


It is important to eat foods that speed up the metabolism such as calcium-from low-fat sources, garlic, vitamin C, lean protein (which gives a more satisfied, full feeling than carbs or fats). Heavy, greasy foods like fatty cuts of beef and pork can slow down the metabolism, since they are hard to digest, making it more difficult to loose weight.

Remember too, that the bottom line is that you can't take in more calories than you consume.  The key is to convert the fat into muscle which revs the metabolism, boosting weight loss.


Resistance training is important to get rid of fat.  This can be done with with barbells or free weights.  Free weights stimulate muscle to grow. When the muscle grows, the body burns fat more efficiently.

According to Ebony Magazine "Burning body fat and getting Buff" by Lee Haney.  He suggests that the exercise program have the following components:

-Strength movement for each body part.
-Core exercises
-Flexibility and stretching
-Cardio exercises

Weight training should be done every other day  with one exercise per body part.  Be consistent.  Workouts should total about one half hour.


Haney, Lee, "Burning body fat and getting Buff" Ebony Magazine
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