Thursday, May 5, 2011

Foreign Accent Syndrome: what is it?

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Does it sound believable that a native New Yorker could go into the dentist's office and come out with a British accent?  Sounds a little far fetched but after the hearing the reasoning behind the disorder, well, I guess that anything can happen. Let's find out what this unusual disorder is all about.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

This rare disorder can occur due to a left brain injury. (Left brain is responsible for speech).  This injury may result in a small episode of decreased supply of blood to the brain.  This injury may also include stroke or even a brain tumor. presented a report on a woman, a native of Oregon, who went to  her dentist and awakened with a British accent, even though she had never been there.

 It seems that after coming to after anesthesia, the strange disorder became evident. It may however resolve on its on without intervention.
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