Monday, February 14, 2011

Natural remedies to help the kids stay healthy this winter

As we remain in the clutches of the most brutal winter that most of us can remember, the kids are outside enjoying the mountains of snow by building six feet snow people and any other thing that their little minds might conjure up.  Similarly, busy moms are looking for ingenious ways to battle winter illness that might just sneak up on the family.

Let's take a look at two interesting  good old home remedies that my mother used to use to fight off winter bugs.

Cod liver oil and honey

I  have often wondered how my mother knew what she knew so long ago.  It seems that the scientific community is decades behind in the knowledge that our mothers and grandmothers had.

My mother used to make a mixture  consisting of honey, cod liver oil and whiskey.  (It really tasted good too).  She swore that when she diligently gave this remedy to us every day, we never got colds.  She was right.  Years later, as an adult, I read up on the ingredients and saw that there was a lot of power to the punch behind these ingredients.

Cod liver oil is high in vitamin A which promotes a healthy immune system and help resist bacterial and viral infections.  It is also high in omega 3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties. All of these help stengthen us against opportunistic bugs.

Honey helps clear the sinuses and improves coughs and colds. Be careful though in giving honey to kids under one years of age.

How Often to take

My mother used to give this little home remedy to us twice a day in the winter and colds were kept pretty much at bay. Of course, make sure the kids eat healthy and cut down on sugary and high fat foods.  (These two substances cause mucus).

Good health to  you and your family this winter!

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