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Why the American diet is making us fat

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As Americans continue to fight the battle of the bulge, many nutritionists and researchers are releasing their findings regarding the fact that the overly acidic diet we consume causes problems from weight gain and difficulty in losing weight, to many disease that plague our society.
Double cheeseburgers, giant fries, super size sodas, shakes and drinks, including the diet ones, wreak havoc with our bodies as they are all acid forming and throws the mineral balance off in our body as well as it tries to buffer the effects of the acid. To enjoy a measure of health, we need more foods that are more alkaline such as fruits, vegetables and water.

How are diet sodas bad?

Sodas, both diet and regular, are high in phosphoric acid. This acid is damaging to the kidneys and also causes the body to leach out minerals, such as iodine, to buffer the effects. Most of us know that iodine is essential for thyroid health. Without adequate iodine, the thyroid becomes sluggish, thus causing a sluggish metabolism. Metabolism refers to the rate with which food is being burned to meet our body's needs. A slow or sluggish medtabolism causes weight gain.

Further, the concentrated artificial sweeteners in sodas and other foods tricks the body; if an individual were consuming sugar, the body would release insulin. In the case of artificial sweeteners, the body senses the sweetness but doesn't release the insulin which leaves it feeling deprived and craving something - guess what that is? Sugar. This also contributes to the weight gain rollercoaster. Vicious cycle.

What to do?

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Besides, they are bad on digestion. Use smaller amounts of sugar, or, if you really want to go healthy, try stevia, maple or rice sweeteners, agave and many of the other natural sweeteners that are available in your local organic grocers.
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