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How to healthy afro textured hair during the winter

Winter's coming and along with it comes all its associated problems of dry skin, lips and  hair.  And, if you're like me, wearing the various wool hats and scarves to keep roasty toasty, practically shaves off the already dry and fragile edges.   So, a special SOS goes out for hair help right away if your hair is to remain healthy during the winter months.  What special tips are there for keeping afro textured hair well moisturized during the winter months? 

Hydration and health from the inside out

The best way to hydrate your hair is from within.  Drink plenty of water, at least 64 ounces daily which not only moisturize hair, but skin and internally as well.

Make sure to eat plenty of healthy foods and vegetables such as collard greens, kale, whole grains, nuts and fish oils which are important in overall health, and in healthy hair. Take a good multiple vitamin which will help in this regard and also provide a good healthy dose of the B vitamins.

Conditioners and moisturizers au naturelle

There are some fabulous recipes out there for those of you who are adventurous enough to try them.  For example, shea butter is a magnificent way to moisturize and condition the hair.  It also is good for stimulating collagen production in the skin as well as for treating eczema, psoriasis and many other skin diseases.

 To make your own moisturizers and conditioners, trying whipping a small amount of shea butter (after briefly warming in the microwave).  You can then add one of the healthful oils out there such as olive oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, almond oil or coconut oil. This will give it a double dose of healthy moisturizers.  Apply to hair.  Cover with a plastic cap for about 15 minutes.  Wash as normal.

Hot oil treatment

Hot oil treatmenty have been the beauticians #1 assist for damaged and dry hair nourishment.  There are many brands to choose from, so just take your pick. Try to avoid the chemical preservatives out there such as the parabens, propylene glycol and opthers.  Try to get one that is vitamin fortified with vitamins A, E or sage oil. Condition weekly or as needed.

Again, you can use a completely natural oil such as  almond oil. Almond oil is great for strengthening the hair as well as for moisturizing.  It can be used in between shampoos at night for conditioning, as well as for use when shampooing.  Apply to hair and cover with a plastic cap for about   15 minutes.  Wash out as usual.

These are just a few suggestions.  Please feel free to leave further ideas and comments at the end of the article.

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