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Coconut oil and your beauty

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After having frequented beauty supply stores for years and trying nearly every product  on the shelves, I am convinced that the natural oils and herbs are best for real inner and outer beauty and health.  One such product that I have found is coconut oil.

Coconut oil is wonderful for the skin, hair and inner body.  Let's face it, this is what the women of ancient times did for years and they were endowed with natural, enduring beauty that has been marveled upon by people of the ancient world as well as the modern world.

Coconut oil also has a smell is so healthy and natural.  Let's find out why this natural oil is so healthy for inner and outer health.

Health and beauty uses

Coconut oil has been used by Asian Indian women for centuries.  Such women are known for their healthy, glowing skin and long, luxuriant, shining, black  hair.

 Coconut oil is harvested from coconut palm.  It has been a primary source of fat in the diets of tropical people for years. It has a unique structure that allows it to be easily absorbed into the scalp and skin. Beauty wise, this is invaluable since it is full of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants that, when absorbed,  gives the skin and hair its radiant healthful glow. 

For further health benefits, it is great when taken internally to since it is full of so many nutrients and the essential fatty acids which are also important in health and beauty.

For beautiful hair, it should be warmed and gently applied to the scalp, covered with a  plastic bag and allowed to sit for about fifteen minutes.  Wash and style the hair as usual. (Many women apply it at night, and upon rising, wash, rinse and style).

Skin care

Coconut oil is a great after bath moisturizer that locks moisture into the skin.  This is really important as we are about to go into the colder months which are generally rough on skin causing dryness and cracking.

It is also great for eczema, chapped skin and ashy knees and elbows.  Similarly, the oil can be gently  heated and applied to problem areas.  Regular use is also great for wrinkles.

Tying it all together 

Women from all parts of the world can enjoy the healthfyul and beautifying benefits of coconut oil.  What's more is the fact that it can be enjoyed without spending lots of money to do it.
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