Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Food Industry's Plan to Keep Americans Fat

I'm sure that you've heard of those commercials that say, "Nobody can eat just one."  Are these innocent jingles or, are there more insidious forces at work here that cause most of us to keep going back to the cookie jar or the potato chip bag to eat ourselves into oblivion?

Food Industry designs to keep us fat

Researchers and psychologists are definitely concluding that high sugar foods, particularly foods high in high fructose corn syrup, triggers the production of the body's natural opioids and can cause us to become addicted to them pretty much the same as with drugs.  It is no wonder then that fast food chains are reluctant to change their high sodium, high sugar food menus.  And the game doesn't end with adults, children have long been roped in with the promises for "Happy Meals" with toys etc.

The offending foods

There are  many foods that fall into this category, but some of the worst offenders are Oreos and Coke Soda Products.  Look at the number of Americans who regularly consume diet coke, or even regular coke and do not lose weight; it actually seems to be more of a cruel joke than a food item designed  to help us lose weight.  People are being enticed with the manufacturer's promise of low calorie or no calorie beverages for weight control and look what's happening - we're being addicted to this stuff so that we actually gain weight  rather than lose as we have the pleasure centers in our brains manipulated and, just think, it was manufactured this way!  We have become puppets for the profit of the food industry. 

The Price for Health

As difficult as it may be, the way to loose weight is through cutting down on the consumption of sugars, grains and carbohydrates.  These food ingredients have sadly become the mainstay of the American diet.  After 20, 30 and 40 years of over-consumption of these substances have lead us into the trap of becoming so addicted to them that it is hard to believe that a few decades earlier, our fore parents  consumed such unhealthy fare.

Further, these foods have also contributed to insulin resistance which has occurred with nearly all of us until most folks by the sixth decade in life will be borderline adult onset diabetes.

Stop the trend now

This is not an easy task, but it is the only way that we can help ourselves and our children.  The research shows that this generation of youngsters will probably be the first to succumb to chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease before their parents. We must go back to the simple foods: vegetables, water, fresh air in order to have a degree of health.


Dr. Mercola "As the EU Launches Shocking Fructose Health Claim Label, Oreos Are Found to Be as Addictive as Cocaine"       
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