Monday, July 15, 2013

Wholesome foods: is it a thing of the past?

It is so disturbing to learn of the dangers of the foods that we commonly eat and consider to be healthful.  As we learn about the potential dangers of processed and packaged foods, folks turn to more natural foods, only to learn that they too are contaminated.  It's a vicious circle.

What foods top the list in toxicity and contamination with chemicals?  Here is a list of some of the major offenders. Please take note and use the information for the protection of yourself and family.

Watch the Salmon

For the health and well being of your family, avoid farmed fish. (I had heard this awhile back).  Farm fed fish is raised on unnatural grain which is loaded with dangerous chemicals, in addition to being genetically modified.  Now, the big question is what are these things doing to the people who consume them? Well, for starters, the antibiotics can affect humans, causing allergies and antibiotic resistance.

Now, how do you know what fish is farm raised?  Well, avoid Atlantic salmon. Instead look for the "Alaskan salmon" and "sockeye salmon."

What's in the meat?

Most people are aware that meat is injected with hormones in order to make them mature rapidly. Drugs such as ractopamine, are also being given to animals to make them more muscular and artificially reduce the fat content. Ractopamine is used in about 45% of US pigs and in about 30 percent of cattle.  Needless to say, there is residual drug left in the meat after slaughter.  What does it do to humans?  It seems that right now, researchers say that the drug has been linked to reproductive disorders, mastitis in cattle and cardiovascular disorders in humans along with behavioral changes. What's more, it has been banned in no less than 160 different countries due to its harmful side effects.

Soft drinks: sugar's not the only poison

For all the lovers of soft drinks and soda, I am here to tell you that some of the chemical contents in soda make sugar seem like health food.  

BVO (brominated vegetable oil) was originally patented as a flame retardant. As many chemicals, it can accumulate in human tissue and can cause behavioral and reproductive problems. It is also a central nervous system depressant and can lead to iodine deficiency. It also can cause skin rashes, loss of appetite, acne, fatigue and cardiac arrhythmias. ( Dr. Mercola, "10 Common US Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries")

Food dyes

Fanciful colored food packaging catches the eye of everyone.  Artificial food colors are probably one of the most lethal things that has been consistently placed in our foods over the last 50+ years. Adverse side effects run the gamut from A-Z: birth defects, cancer, allergies, etc. have been reported.
( Dr. Mercola, "10 Common US Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries")

 Foods such as Jell-O, cereals, candy, boxed mac 'n cheese all are examples of foods containing food coloring.  The following is a list of commonly used food colorings:

Red #40
Yellow #6
Blue #2

All three colorings have been used extensively in foods, yet they are banned in other countries. What's wrong with this picture? Don't we get it?

In summary

For the sake of your family, please read the labels and substitute highly processed foods for the simpler, whole foods that our ancestors flourished with.

Source: Dr. Mercola, "10 Common US Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries"foods.aspx


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