Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Burn Calories at Your Desk

Most people who have been on any type of weight loss program know that not partaking in enough activity can thwart your best efforts in loosing weight.  It-the weight-can stick to you like crazy glue-believe me, I do know. And for those of you who have sit down computers jobs, the challenge becomes not only about what to eat, but picking up extra ways to burn fat.
Here are interesting information pertaining to inactivity and chronic illness.

Information on Sedentary Lifestyles

The latest stats on sedentary lifestyles and chronic illness are pretty disturbing.  According to the WHO (World Health Organization), inactivity is listed as the fourth greatest killer of adults. Further, Dr. Joan Vernikos, one of the doctors involved in preventing astronauts from deteriorating in space, says in the article, "Tips for Staying Active in the Office to Counteract the Ills of a Sedentary Job" that it is important to stand up every ten minutes or so so that the body can function optimally. This was actually reported as being more beneficial than walking.

The  statistics show that prolonged sitting puts an individual at risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney disease. And to prevent a full picture on how urgent this is, even if a person is normally active, but sits for prolonged time during the day, he is still at risk for these chronic diseases.

What can be done?

Some innovative ways in which to burn calories include:

-holding stand only meetings at work.
-structure the layout of the office in such a way that everything is not at your fingertips.  Put regularly used information on a shelf that will require some stretching.
-Use an exercise ball for a chair to get exercise.
-Use an upright chair with no armrests which will encourage frequent repositioning.

Basically, the body needs perpetual movement to function optimally.  Avoid sitting for long periods of time.  Get up out of your chair about every ten minutes to allow the body to interact with gravity.
In this way, the body will have an opportunity to burn many additional calories which greatly helps with weight loss.


Dr. Mercole,"Tips for Staying Active in the Office to Counteract the Ills of a Sedentary Job"



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