Thursday, July 18, 2013

How Exercise can make You Smarter

New Proof that Exercise Makes You Smarter
Exercise is the free Rx that helps everyone improve mentally, physically and spiritually.  From the cradle to the grave, it can help us uplift our mood, increase and improve digestion and everything else from A- Z.
Now, the facts from research show that exercise can also help your smarts.  Here's  some of the latest information and how your brain can benefit from a program of exercise.

What exercise can do for your Brain

Interesting study results presents the following about exercise:

  • For grammar school kids, 40 minutes of exercise daily increased IQ by four points.

  • Older children who engage in strenuous sports have stronger scores in Math, Science, English and Social Studies.

  • Students who exercised immediately before a test scored 17% higher than those who didn't.  Those students who worked out for 40 minutes scored an entire grade higher.

That's some pretty impressive stuff!

How exercise benefits the brain power

Regular program of exercises helps the body produce  nerve-protecting compounds thus promoting improved development and survival of neurons. This gives a boost to learning new material as referenced above; for example, children who engaged in workouts score one whole grade than those who do not.  Conversely, impeded blood flow to the brain can contribute to vascular dementia, stroke and other cognitive problems.

 Added perks about exercise includes the fact that it increases oxygen to the brain along with decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.  And, it also lift your mood due to the release of endorphins.
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