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Six Easy Things You Can do to get a Good Night's Sleep: Part II

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Okay, if you have more problems getting to sleep than most, then this post will be for you. 

Sleep is incredibly important for our overall well-being and health. So, don't waste another minute lamenting about the problem.  Please consider the following information.

If you still have problems, then perhaps it may be time to see your health care professional.

How to get some much needed sleep

7. Try eating a high-protein snack several hours before bed.  This will provide L-tryptophan which your body needs for melatonin and serotonin production. (Follow this with a piece of fruit which will help the tryptophan cross the blood-brain barrier).
This is why many have turkey and/or milk to go to sleep.

8. Avoid grains and sugary bedtime snacks. These elevate blood sugar and delay sleep. Also, many are sensitive to these things which can cause bloating, gas and other immune response which can delay sleep.
9. Give yourself time to unwind before sleep.  Stop all work related activities at least an hour in advance.
10. No tv in the bedroom as this disrupts the activity of the pineal gland.
11.  Listen to relaxation to CD  and  practice relaxation techniques.
12. Try to avoid prescription sleep aids as this often causes a dependency.
13. Avoid caffeine as much as possible
14. Avoid alcohol as this causes you  to wake up during the night when the body does its most regenerative work-during the deeper stages of sleep.
15. Try melatonin supplements which induce sleep and decrease restlessness. To increase melatonin production naturally, get outside during the day. Sleep in a completely dark room where its production is not impeded.
16. If fluctuating hormone levels, such as during menopause  is the problem, see your naturopath or nutritionist for natural methods of hormone control.

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