Thursday, October 20, 2011

Turn up the volume on Healthier Spices in Your Favorite Dishes

I love reading about alternative and healthy ways to spice up some of my favorite dishes.  Especially, when using healthier and tasteful alternative to salt and fat.

Below are some zesty alternatives to salt and fat that will have you looking for seconds.

Lemons, limes and oranges

The rinds of lemons, limes and oranges are packed with flavor and savvy chefs add these ingredients to foods to take the diners "over the top" in their dining experience.

Try grating the peels (use organically grown fruits and veggies for this to avoid pesticides).  Try adding them to popcorn, baked goods and others dishes.  The lemons, limes and oranges are full of liminoids which are cancer halting phytochemical antioxidants.


Kadey, Matthew "Zesst for Life" Natrual Health
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