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Is your Dental work ruining your health?

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Have you ever suffered from vague discomfort and aches but just couldn't quite pinpoint what the problem was?  Or, perhaps have you been the victim of migraines, headaches, high blood pressure, allergies and digestive problems? 

Many people spend untold thousands of dollars on doctor visits, blood work and other testing in order to get to the root of such problems.  But, some are finding that their dental work could be at work against them.  It could just be that your dental fillings are working against r health.  Let's tale a closer look.

Your Fillings and your Health

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin and is the second most toxic metal on earth.  It vaporizes easily at room temperatures and is readitly absorbed into the blood stream.  It is really horrific to think that this metal is in a deadly amalgam in our mouths. It also makes me wonder  about the increases in certain neurological diseases, such as ADD.

Mercury, further renders the immune system helpless against the many bacteria, viruses and other toxins that it has an almost daily battle against. Now, just think about the bugs out there as we approach winter time. But, obviously the problem is more complex than that.

Also, take into consideration the nutritional status of most folk, along with the fact that many middle-aged Americans are on drugs that also render the immune system helpless, such as steroids and anti-rejection medications, it is no wonder that we are plagued by numerous chronic diseases.

Mercury plagues the environment

Mercury is just as deadly in the environment.  Just think, the mercury in the body is discharged into the environment through our household toilets, manufacturing plants, the dental office's waste lines, respiration, cremations, burials and fertilizers.

Now, once this toxic chemical is released into the environment, it bioaccumulates in in fish, hence the danger to all, especially those with a developing brain such as the fetus and young children.

The remedy

Remedying this situation is not easy as removal of this toxin poses health risks still to the individual and the environment.  Many grass roots organizations are forming to address this problem.  They are also banding together via petitions to force local government to address this issue. If you are interested in more information about the removal of mercury containing dental amalgams, please visit

"Historic Resolution adopted by Costa Mesa: Official Position Taken to Ban Dental Mercury Fillings"

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