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How to have a Smarter Child

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For years parents have wondered and pondered about what steps they can take to improve their child's intelligence. Well, there are concrete steps that can be taken to help build a youngster's intelligence.  According to the experts, the earlier parents start, the more likely they will see the fruits of their labors.

Below are eight interventions that parents can take to have smarter kids.

How to bring out the Einstein in your child

1.  All efforts should begin as early as before your child is conceived.  That means a good diet: cut out junk food and get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Select a good multiple vitamin with the help of your doctor or pharmacist.

2. Breast feeding is the optimal method to feed babies.  There is no way around it.
According to experts,  breast fed children score higher on cognitive tests a decade after breast feeding has ceased.

3. Talk to your child.  This is really important.  So much is conveyed at such times: love, cuddling, bonding, language.

4. Reading stories is another important activity.  Again, bonding and learning take place.  A child's never ending curiosity is stimulated which provides intellectual stimulation.

5.  It is important to priase your  child when he or she does something good.  Reinforcement for educational activities is essential

6. Turn off the TV.  This really encourages bad habits: sedentary lifestyles, mental stagnation and unwholesome association.

7.  Socializing kids help build friendships which prepares the child for school.

8. Buy  toys that teach and allow plenty of constructive play time. 


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