Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Exercise and your Child's Intelligence

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Do you want to motivate your child to improve in test taking and other academic skills? Well, it seems that the key may just be in encouraging her-preferably by example, to get up and move.

According to a study published in the journal "Brain Research" children that are physically active tend to have a better developed brains which helps them perform better on memory tests.

The study involved children aged 9 and 10 who were then instructed to run on a treadmill to measure their oxygen intake. Subsequent MRI testing reported that the children who were more physically active had a larger hippocampus than the sedentary out-of-shape group.  The hippocampus is involved with memory and learning.

So it seems that  if you want a smarter child, encourage some outdoor aerobic exercise and teach her to put the remote control down and turn the tv off.  Get her outside to enjoy wholesome activity and its benefits of greater intelligence.


"Are Fit Kids Smarter?" Natural Awakenings Magazine
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