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Intimacy and you health: should you have to compromise one for the other?

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Many people have laughed and joked about the problems in the bedroom, particularly during middle age and beyond.  However, simple, over the counter medications can often be the root of such problems. This can easily be remedied with the assistance of your pharmacist and doctor. Your intimacy should not suffer because of the medications that you take.

We will investigate three areas that often cause problems in the bedroom.  We will also learn about what can  be done about it.


Vaginal dryness can be the result of ingredients used in cold and allergy medications.  They can also suppress sexual desire.  Almost everyone knows that  antihistamines dry up mucus membrances to stop the sniffles, but, the vagina, lined by mucus membranes,  may also be become dry and lead to painful intercourse and even complete avoidance of intercourse.

The solution is to discuss the situation with your doctor.  Such medications should be used in moderation.  Try natural therapies such as incrased vitamin C ( again, discuss with MD), cut out allergy forming foods which usually fall in the range of milk, wheat, soy, shellfish and nuts.

Alcohol and fatty foods

Everyone knows that reaching for the wrong foods can abosolutely kill the desire and performance. Such things are alcohol, fatty foods - which can eventually cause blockage and interfere with blood flow, and energy which is vital for a man to achieve and maintain an erection. (Diabetes is often the cause of impotency). Belly fat, oh my goodness, I'll never forget that an MD that I was working with in the ED clearly explained to a patient that excess belly fat also interferes with blood supply to those vital organs involved with lovemaking.  Another reason to watch the weight.

The solution: get started by trying to help yourself.  It may be slow going with occasional setbacks, but at least try and keep trying, it will eventually get easier.

Weight gain

As stated above, weight gain affects lovemaking through interfering with circulation.  It also zaps your evergy making you too tired.

The solution is obviously to get up and start moving for health, love and your life.


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