Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FDA new Anti-Smoking Campaign

The FDA has taken bold new steps aimed at curtailing and virtually stopping smokers in their tracks. By September 1, 2012, nine graphic images will be used on packs of cigarettes to portray the harm that smoking causes to overall health and to the body.  The images will be clear, easily seen depictions of smoking's direct connection to death and disease.  The images will cover fifty percent of the front and back panels of the cigarette packs and at least 20% of advertisements.

The present warnings regarding the dangers of smoking have been so small that the impact is not effective.  This has brought about a review of the entire presentation of smoking warnings and education of the public regarding tobacco use and smoking.

These new steps represent the most significant changes  to cigarette labels in over 25 years.  The FDA says that people understand the dangers of smoking but the new labels will be used to target children and hopefully prevent them from starting the habit.  The initiative also includes discouraging smokers to stop the habit as well.  By the way, the tobacco companies are paying for all this advertisement.

The Images

The very graphic images shows things such as a dead man with a surgical chest wound, a person's  brown lips with open lesions,  a man with a breathing apparatus, and a smoker with a trach!  Each photo will have a written message showing how cigarettes cause cancer, harm to the fetus, etc.
The new packaging and ads must be in place by September, 2012 come as a result from the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.  The impetus has been to present larges warnings on cigarette packs and advertisements to cause people to stop and think.

Tobacco use is the leading cause of premature and preventable death and is responsible for 443,000 deaths annually.  Each warning will be accompanied by a smoking cessation hotline 800 QUIT-NOW.


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