Friday, May 20, 2011

Exercise and fitness for health

Exercise is important not only for beauty and a fit body, but it oxygenates every cell in the body, strengthens bones, revs up metabolism, improves immunity, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the lungs and does many wonderful things for our bodies. It's been said that if there were a prescription for this near cure all, it would be number one on every MDs prescription pad.

Let's review some exercise facts that will keep you going on your exercise program.

First things first

A great thing with exercising early in life, is that you lay a lifetime of benefits from improved health the earlier that you begin.  However, for those of us who didn't start super young, it's not too late  to get up and move.

The professionals suggest getting started with physical activity 3 to 5 days per week, for 30-60 minutes.  Always start your exercise session with a warm up.  End, with a cool down.  And do contact your health professional to ensure that you are healthy to engage in physical activity.

Worthwhile tips from experts

Strength training  is important in keeping the metabolism running at optimal levels.  The more muscle you have, the more your body burns calories. And, no, muscle does not weight more than fat. Actually muscle is a great friend; the more muscle you have, the faster you burn calories.

Remember to incoroporate a total body strength-training program.  When you  lot of time, try an interval workout which alternates short, high intensity work outs with short recovery periods.

For core training, try a pilates workout.


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