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Debunking weight loss myths

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With everyone being weight conscious, we'd all love to find some easy weight loss tips that will drop  the pounds, yet leave us feeling satisified.  Unfortunately, some foods must be avoided, and others must be limited.  That's quite a challenge.  What are the foods that are less damaging? Are you sure?

 This article will examine some dietary myths regarding so called low calorie and health  foods.

Fruit Juice

Many people think that they are better off  if they substitute high  calorie sugary drinks like soda and fruit with fruit juice. But, the reality is that fruit juices really packs on the calories.  Basically, it's liquid sugar.  According to the experts, drinking fruit beverages is associated with Type II Diabetes and obesity.

It is suggested that one buy the fruit, instead of the fruit juice.  Drink water instead, or, if you really want juice, drink one 4 ounce glass. And, of course, fruit juice drinks are out.


Salad bars are in abundance.   Nothing beats the conveniences of running into the local food store and grabbing one for lunch or dinner.   But, if you are following a weight loss plan, it really does no good to load up on croutons, salty meats, salad crisps and salad dressing.  I've read and experienced this first hand.  A low-calorie salad can be transformed into a mealtime disaster if you add all this stuff.  We're talking about 1500 calories and probably 2 grams of sodium in a meal - a salad!

I've tried carrying my own dressing which consists of vinegar and for a slight sweet taste,  agave.  Shake it up and you have a pretty interesting mix.

Ditch convenience foods

Those are the high sodium, high fat frozen or foods packed in a appealing box.  The marketing strategists give us what appeals to the eye and not to the scale or pocket.  We're often paying quite a bit for these unhealthy treats. 

Try carrots, raisins, and celery for a quick snack.  They are more healthful and nutritious.

Focus on fiber

High fiber foods help with so many things:  blood pressure, cholesterol, digestive health, killing the hunger feeling and so many other things.  Seeks out whole grains, nuts and veggies when you want a snack.  I've noticed that when I stick to these foods, I do much better with with control.

Follow everything with water.  It helps flush things out and curb the appetite.
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