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Aloe vera is one of those amazing healing plants that have been around for centuries. Its healing juices have been used by ancient civilizations and has provided immeasurable benefits of health and beauty to users. Today, aloe is well known for skin and overall health benefits. It is also known to have exceptional beauty properties.

Let's find out how this amazing plant benefits the skin.

Benefits of aloe

As the body's largest organ, the skin deserves premuim care for optimum health and beauty. Aloe is a phenomenal plant that provides the needed vitamins and minerals for skin health.
Aloe is great for promoting healing of cuts and bruises. It also relieves the pain of sunburn and promotes healing. Aloe also forms a protective barrier for the skin, helping to keep it intact and prevent the invasion of toxins into the body.

Aloe also is great for wound healing and scar prevention. It is also beneficial in the event of burns.(Its coolness helps to ease the pain of the burn as well.). Aloe also relieves inflammation.

Aloe and beauty
Aloe is a powerful weapon against aging; when applied to wrinkles, it helps to promote collagen and elastin production, thus making the skin look younger and brighter.
Aloe is also said to have been used by Cleopatra. It is said that aloe was massaged into her skin for beauty and shine.
Drinking aloe helps with detoxification, which helps in maintaing clearer skin and removes the dullness caused by toxin build up. Be careful about using it as a drink as it can cause stomach cramps.

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