Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cell phones and your health

Everyone is abuzz this week about the latest findings on cellular phone use and brain cells. It seems that cell phones cause increased brain cell activity which may have adverse effects on health. No definitive associations with disease have been made, however.

This study has immense interest to all of us what with our fascination with mobile phones. Cell phone usage stats released by the CTIA's semi annual US wireless industry survey for last half of 2009, reveal that 91% of Americans are mobile subscribers. And, on average, these callers used 1.12 trillion minutes of talk time in the same year. This breaks down to 6.1 billion minutes per day or 21 minutes per person, per day.("Wireless survey:91% of Americans use sell phones"

According to the article "What cell phone use does to brain cells" by Dr. Jay Adlersberg of ABC TV, Dr. Rose Lai, of NY Presbyterian, states that we really don't know what the consequences are when a brief exposure to cell phones occurs. It has been noted that brain cells do fire more often when lengthy conversations occur. The impact that this finding has on human health is uncertain although it has been speculated that brain tumor growth could be stimulated. Another disease possibility is epilepsy. Again, the doctor states that this is not definite.
Dr. Lai does however suggest using earpieces and texting instead of talking. She closes her remarks in the article by stating that it is not certain how long brain cells remain active nor on effect in young and growing brain. It was reported that conversations over 50 minutes were noted to stimulate the excess brain activity.

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