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Natural remedies for your child's ear infections

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Winter has us in a stranglehold - 8 winter storms right in a row,within two months, yikes!  Along with the cold weather come colds, flu, coughs and fever.  What can health conscious moms do to protect their little ones from these common health ravages of cold weather?

Let's consider some important ways that we can deal with these troublesome ailments, naturally.

Eat all your vegetables

As moms we encourage our children to eat healthy to be big and strong.  But vegetables and fruits are also important in building up digestion and the immune system.  With inadequate digestion, the immune system can not do its job efficiently, leaving us susceptible to opportunistic bugs and viruses.   Most folks know now that good health starts in the gut! So, let's do everything in our power to strengthen our health by eating right.

Encourage your children to eat foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes, both are high in vitamin A which is important in healthy mucus membranes.  Garlic and onions are also good foods to fight away infections.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic.  Green and leafy vegetables are also high in a number of nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and antioxidants, which play a major role in fighting off disease.

Encourage your children to limit foods high in fats and sugar as these both can cause the body to accumulate mucus.

Healthful supplements

Cod liver oil is also gives the body a boost in fighting colds. It is high in essential fatty acids which are anti-inflammatories, which also helps the body battle disease.  It is also high in vitamin A, an antioxidant.

Vitamin C has been controversial in cold prevention, but it is known to help the body battle infection and can limit the length of a cold.It also strengthens the immune system.

Common sense practices

Encourage your children to wash hands frequently.   This is a number one practice to help halt the spread of disease transmission.  Also remind them to cover their mouths when coughing. 

If your child is sick or has a temperature over 101, keep her home.  The teacher will thank you.

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