Monday, February 28, 2011

Can cool temperatures help you to lose weight?

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Weight loss is probably the favorite American past time. And, if we aren't talking about it, we are looking for new ways to achieve it -particularly if it means little or no effort.

Researchers have found some interesting new facts out about speeding up the metabolism, burning calories and achieving weight loss.  One of those methods may be as easy as just turning down the thermostat.

Boost weight loss with  a lower thermostat

One of the more recent studies that I've heard about is from the ABC news health segment, "Cool temperatures and weight loss" A study of 1,000 people found that the risk of obesity cut dramatically with every hour of sleep they got.  In addition, they also found that cooler houses boosted weight loss.

Scientists are concluding that sleep deprivation disrupts hormones.  People sleeping in cooler houses burn calories to stay warm.  Unfortunately, researchers don't know exactly what the temperatures need to be nor for how long to experience weight loss.

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