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Lace front wigs and your beauty

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Lace front wigs are the rage amongst songstresses such as Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Patti LaBelle.  Each woman has developed and fashioned her own look with spectacularly created  wigs that cost thousands of dollars. Many women are adopting this new trend in wigs to create their own unique  look.  It is a well known fact that natural looking tresses enhance the beauty of the wearer.

What is this rage about and why is it so popular?

How are lace front wigs made?

Lace front wigs are amazingly crafted using human or synthetic hair that is sewn into lace which is then glued to the head of the wearer so that the hairline appears natural; the look accomplished is one of each strand of hair appearing to grow out of the scalp. This is unlike, regular wigs where the hair is attached to a cap causing it to appear bulkier and less real.

The hair may have a front lace wherein the front hairline is lace.  There is also the full lace wig wherein the back hairline is lace.  This allows the wearer to wear up-dos or pony tails that are quite realistic in appearance.

There are two types of lace used:  french lace and swiss lace.

French lace is delicate and not detectable.  This lace is more durable.  Both types of lace wigs should be matched to the individual's head for the best fit and health of the scalp.

Swiss lace is slightly thinner, less detectable but is less durable.  It is important to match the color of the lace to the complexion color of the wearer for the most natural appearance.

The wig may be glued to the scalp in which case the wearer should not wear the wig for over two weeks which could also cause friction alopecia. 


Human and remy hair styles can run well over one thousand dollars.  The hair can be worn up in pony tails when the full hair line is lace.  The appearance is impeccably natural.

Synthetic wigs can run much less, usually under one hundred dollars.

In closing, it is quite exciting to go shopping and pick that hair style that will enhance the individual woman's  look. Happy shopping!
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