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Artificial preservatives and your family

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Most American shoppers are aware that it is vitally important to read labels for the fat, fiber, sugar, carb and salt content. And, as most savvy shoppers are also aware, it is important to check out the list of artificial coloring and preservatives also included. Ever try to decipher and read the long list of chemical preservatives contained in our foods? It is absolutely mind boggling.

Do you have reason for concern? More and more disease and ailments are being directly linked to prescription medication usage as well as from food preservatives. Let’s take a look at some food additives and how they may affect the health of your family.

Propyl Gallate

Propyl gallate is a preservative that is used in fats to prevent them from going rancid. The chemical has been linked to cancer Foods that you might find the substance in are potato chips, meats, vegetable oils, soup bases, cereals and chewing gum.


Butylated hydroxytoluene and butylated hydroxyanisole are used as preservatives in vegetable oils, chewing gum, potato chips and many other foods . In laboratory animals these fats have also been found to be carcinogenic. (12 Dangerous food additives: The dirty dozen food additives you really need to be aware of”

Potassium Bromide

This chemical is used to expand the volume of breads and rolls. It is also used to give products such as breadcrumbs a smoother texture.

Most bromate is broken down in the body and converted into bromide, which is harmless. There is however, some that is not broken down, This small amount can be carcinogenic. Interestingly, potassium bromate is banned in other parts of the world except for the United States and Japan..("12 Dangerous food additives: The dirty dozen food additives you really need to be aware of”

The solution

As much as possible, try to avoid selecting products that contain any of these chemicals. Opt for a brand or manufacturer that does not use them. Better yet , try to limit intake of processed foods altogether. Additives are always higher in these products to increase the shelf life. Buy fresh foods, do the bulk of your family food shopping in the produce aisle, shop lightly in the meat departments and dairy department.

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