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Papaya enzyme, an alternative approach to fixing that upset stomach

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Papaya enzyme and your digestion

Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of waking up with an upset stomach, bloating, indigestion and constipation? Yup, eating that sumptuous meal can do it. Fortunately, there are  a plethora of things that can  help get to the bottom of that problem.

The scoop on papaya

The papaya is native to Mexico and Central America.  It is chock full of vitamins C, A and potassium.

 Papain, the enzyme found in papaya, is very helpful with digestion and regulating the bowels. It also improves immune function.  For digestive disorders, people usually take the pills with meals,  however, it is very good to eat the fresh fruit as well.

Along with  taking papaya with meals, it is wise to avoid chocolate, caffeinated drinks, soda, dairy products, highly spicy and greasy foods.  These are stomach irritants and unfortunately common in the American diet. Give everything a chance to get back on track

What to eat while your system if recovering? The best thing is to let the digestive system rest and recover a bit during the following 24 hours or so. Try eating some broth, soup and crackers as tolerated.

Remember, though, if fever, pain, bleeding and mucus is present, it is best to be evaluated by an MD.

Relief - plop, plop, fizz, fizz?

No, not quite.  The best way to deal with the issue is holistically and not just through the medicine cabinet, if you can help it. Try to modify diet choices which really is the root of the problem anyway.  As already mentioned, papaya is loaded with other good stuff like fiber which helps clean your colon.  Drink lots of water.  An added bonus is lowered cholesterol and weight loss!

Speaking of enzymes, they are important in all of the digestive processes  in the stomach and small intestine. So it is extremely important that we provide our bodies with them. Where are they found? In  fresh, and raw fruits and vegetables.

A final word

Some final suggestions for digestive health would be to limit over processed foods such as breads, pastries, sweets and sugary cereals.  Include more water, limit artificial sweeteners. Select whole grain products which really helps with digestion and regularity.

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