Sunday, July 25, 2010

Artificial sweeteners, are they really helping you to loose weight?

Equal, Splenda, mannitol, saccharin - all are artificial sweeteners designed to cut the calories found in white sugar. But are we winning the battle of the bulge despite all these low calorie sweeteners and sugar substitutes? Have you ever wondered what these things are doing to our bodies?

According to the article, "Are artificial sweeteners sabotaging your diet", a study found in the "Journal of Behavioral Neuroscience" has shown conclusively that artificial sweeteners do not prevent weight gain, but rather induces a cascade of physiological and hormonal response that make you gain weight.

The study involved using two different groups of rats. One was given yogurt sweetened with sugar and the other given yogurt sweetened with saccharin. Their findings were astonishing. In 14 days, they found that the group of rats that were fed artifical sweeteners had had their appetites stimulated and actually ate more food. Obviously, this increased their weight and body fat. Also, it was found that the core body temperature of the rats fed the artificial sweeteners decreased subsequently slowing down their metabolism. These are significant findings because this would indicate that the same thing is taking place in humans: lowered temperatures will slow down the metabolism thus making it difficult, if not impossible to lose weight. In addition to the fact that many of the chemicals in sugar substitutes are actually appetite stimulants which increase cravings.for the very foods that we are trying to avoid - sweets!

Let's look at some stats. The incidence of obesity in the US has grown from 14 million in 1987 to 30 million in the year 2000. The numbers of artificial sugar usage in drinks increased from 70 million to 160 million in the same time period. The correlation is clear.


Let's learn to eat more naturally by consuming the healthier sugars - as seen in fruits with fiber, and other non-chemical alternatives.

Guava is low on the glycemic index. But don't overdo. ( I use guava and it is great).
 Many have also tried stevia with good success.

Cutting back on the carbs and fats and increasing exercise of course is important in weight controll and weigh loss.

Drinking water is a number one - #1 key to winning the battle; water helps the kidney and liver in detoxification and ridding the body of fat and toxins whose build-up will prevent weight loss. These are the tried and true secrets to weight loss.


Are artificial sweeteners sabotaging your diet?
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