Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dry Skin Relief for the Winter

Does this sound familiar?  "Child, put some Vaseline on those ashy knees and elbows!"  I can't tell you how many times that I've heard my mother or other older women repeat that admonition for combatting dry, ashy skin, particularly after a bath or during cold weather. And, with the dry heat of our homes during the winter, this can prevent us from looking our very best during those seemingly endless dark, winter months. . This article will provide some dry skin updates for winter 2013 that will keep us happy, pretty and healthy.
High Nutrient Foods such as vegetables, fuits and antioxidants
help keep the skin well moisturized.

Natural and wholesome skin care - Beauty from the Inside Out

Thank goodness we know now that clog-blocking Vaseline isn't the cure-all for battling dry skin.  With each passing year, researchers are rediscovering the wholesome goodness in natural plants, herbs and oils that provide nourishment, antioxidants and vitamins to help us look our very best.  For example, we have been reading for years now that Omega -  3's are great for lowering cholesterol and battling depression, but did you know that that they also provide  moisture for the skin - from the inside out?  Usually, dry skin is a possible sign of an Omega - 3 deficiency. How? Well the Omega - 3 fats help to prevent dehydration in the skin cells.  This will help the skin cells stay full of moisture and decrease the appearance of fine lines.  Other ways that Omega -3 deficiency can manifest itself is through cracked heels, thick patches of skin and through skin problems such as eczema. Does any of this sound familiar? Well, keep reading for the cure.

Now, our next concern is where to get the healthiest Omega - 3 fats from.  Well, with pollution of the oceans such a problem, we have to be careful to pick and choose our sources of fish - we obviously want to opt for the less contaminated .  Well,  for starters, we might consider fish such as: sardines, anchovies and herring.  Remember, it is recommended to consume fish two to three times per week unless you are pregnant or a child.  In that case, follow the directions of your health professional. This is necessary because the high levels of mercury are neurotoxic to developing brain of children and the fetus.

What Can You do? Natural Steps to Take Control of Your Skin Health

Remember, it's common knowledge that stress management and avoidance, relaxation techniques  and rest are all the buzz as far as obtaining overall health. Stress is bad for the skin also! It has been shown that stress negatively affects the inflammation process.  Also, sugar in the diet can affect skin by providing nourishment for harmful bacteria that can cause acne. health and beauty.

Some other things to remember are to shower after sweating, because the sweat can cause skin irritation.  Also, avoid the very irritating, highly perfumed soaps and lotions, this can be a source of allergies as well.  Ooh, here's a biggie, stay away from mineral oil and petrolatum.  I know that these are used abundantly in health and beauty aids, but avoid them.  Research shows that they can block pores, causing bacteria buildup, cause allergies and other health problems. Avoid the parabens like the plague; these chemicals can mimic estrogen in the body and have been linked to breast tumors.

Finally, avoid fried and highly cooked and grilled foods which can contribute to inflammation and overall health problems.

Some great skin care oils

Some great skin care oils are emu oil and coconut oil. Also, African Soap is a wonder!  I started using that almost exclusively about a year ago  and I can't tell you the number of compliments that I receive on my skin. And, yes, it is safe for use on the face.

These are just some starters.  If you know of any natural oils, soaps and herbs that you 've used with success, please feel free to post it under comments so others can benefit too.

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